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Advertise Your Business To

the Largest Community of Dads in Texas

Tap into the largest and most interactive community of dads in the state of Texas and get your business in front of them through social media, email, website advertisements and direct mail on a monthly basis.

Advertise Your Business To

the Largest Community of Dads in Texas

Tap into the largest and most interactive community of dads in the state of Texas and get your business in front of them through social media, email, website advertisements and direct mail on a monthly basis.

Different Than Any Marketing Channel You've Ever Used

What Makes Us Different?

We are not a blog or a magazine. Those businesses that charge you money for a simple ad placement on the side of a website that no one ever clicks. We are not a lead service, meaning we don’t charge you per lead.

The best way for us to explain why this is different than any marketing channel you've ever used is to explain the perks that our members get by signing up...

Perks Our Members Receive...

When a local dad joins Lonestar Dads, they unlock a world of perks and benefits. To start off, we send them a complimentary welcome pack straight to their doorstep - and we cover all the printing and shipping fees!

As a member, they gain access to a range of exclusive benefits, including...

Free Events

They can attend our monthly events at no cost. From a guys nights out, to archery classes, to horseback riding. All they do is showup, we cover the costs!

Free Contests

If they want to take their kids to a Formula One or NASCAR race, they enter our contests free of charge for a chance to win tickets and access to free experiences!!

Free Experiences

Trips to the coast, to the river, or even trips to jump out of an airplane... We regularly do these types of giveaways and cover all of the expenses for them!

Examples Of What We've Done For Some Members...

Thanks to businesses just like yours who came in and signed up to advertise to our community.

Great.. How Does That Impact Me?

The best way for us to explain how that impacts you is to explain the...

Lonestar Dads Business Model

We owe the success of our incredible perks, experiences, contests, and events to our "Supporting Partners" - the local business owners who advertise to our community. Their contributions enable us to continue to offer these fantastic opportunities to our members at no cost.

Our members are fully aware of this business model. So, the next time they require services like fixing their air conditioning, finding a summer camp for their kids, or even choosing a restaurant to dine with their family...

They will consider our partners first as a way of showing gratitude for supporting our community. Our members are loyal to our community, and that loyalty extends to our partners.


We Prove You Are Trustworthy

The Lonestar Dads Protection Program aims to demonstrate our members how much we trust our partners. In the rare instance where you and our member are unable to reach an amicable resolution for a problem, we'll reimburse them out of our pocket for up to $500.

By implementing this program, we want to reassure our members that we collaborate exclusively with the finest local businesses, who prioritize our members' satisfaction and prioritize quality service.

Supporting Partner Perks

Perks that come with signing up for our Supporting Partner program so that you can get massive exposure to the largest community of dads in Texas. We get you in front of our audience through all 4 channels, depending on the package you select.


  • Included in one email per month
  • Unlimited event promotion
  • Unlimited contest promotion

Direct Mail

  • Included in every welcome package
  • Included in quarterly mailing
  • We cover printing costs


  • 2 posts per month in the Facebook group
  • Tag & turn off comments on requests, so no competitors


  • Ad on slider of main user page
  • Directory listing
  • ​Referrals sent from Live Chat


Included At No Additional Fee

Advertise At Our Events

As a Supporting Partner you are welcome to attend our monthly family friendly events and advertise your services at no additional fee.  Setup a booth or just come out and get face-to-face interaction with our members to promote your services.

No amount of marketing beats in person interaction!

We Even Provide You With A Full Team

We built a team to specifically focus on and provide support to you within the Supporting Partner program.  They are there as part of your package and come at NO additional fees.

Francis Fernandez

Schedules Your Content

Anosh Vaswani

Suggests Creative Marketing Ideas

Keisha Manalad

Creates Your Graphics (if needed)

Fidel Redoblado

Refers Our Members To You

Step 1:

Choose Your Chapter & County

We Give You Complete Exclusivity!

At Lonestar Dads, we aim not to transform into an enormous advertising platform. Instead, we strive to maintain a limited number of advertisers to ensure higher quality standards. To achieve this, we only permit one business per industry per county (although you can acquire rights to multiple counties).

This approach significantly enhances your ability to obtain a return on your investment while reducing the level of competition.


5K+ Members


2K+ Members

San Antonio

400+ Members



400+ Members


"I made my investment back..."

Being a partner with lonestar dads is one of the best thing I have done for my business. I made my investment back in a short amount of time. This is a great community of fathers supporting each other. I have also referred as many of my business referral partners to join and support the group.

- Dwayne Saunders
Genuine Automotive & Diesel

"Helped 2 members buy a home in one month"

Love Lonestar Dads. I was lucky enough to help 2 members of the group find homes within a month of becoming the exclusive realtor and excited to help many more. Wonderful group of human beings who constantly look to help and bring others up. Couldn’t speak highly enough about LD..

- Rafael Llorente
Twelve Rivers Realty

"Increased my revenue and return on my investment"

As a business professional, I am always looking for the best ways to increase revenue with the best return of investment.  The best part of being a referral partner with Lonestar Dads is it does both! In a very short time, we made our investment back which is awesome, and even better we got to help dads!

- Jose Cavazos
Army Ant Moving

Step 2:

Sign Up As A Partner.

Month-to-Month, Cancel Any Time!

At our company, we recognize that the best way to help partners win is to get them in front of our audience in every way possible. That's why we've designed one package which gets you in front of our audience through all channels: direct mail, social media, email and in person.

There are no binding contracts or lengthy commitments involved. You can opt to pay on a month-to-month basis and terminate anytime with no hassle..

  • Welcome Pack Flyers: We include a flyer in every welcome pack
  • Featured Directory Listing: Show up first on our website partners page
  • Facebook Ads: Two ads per month in your chapter FB group
  • Email Ads: Get one ad a month included in our weekly newsletter
  • Event Booths: Attend any of our family friendly events and promote your services face-to-face with our members.
  • Slider Ad: Your ad will be added to the slider seen on the users main page when they login
  • ​Exclusivity Included: For any county of your choice

"Increased my business exponentially"

Being a supportive partner of Lonestar dad has increased my business exponentially. I’ve got to meet some wonderful people and provide a very valuable service for an amazing group that does wonderful things for the community. I’m proud to be a part of this group and look forward to bringing awareness to the charitable and life changing things that this group does for the community.

- Jeff Lapoff
State Farm Agency Owner

"Within a month I received and closed business"

With in a month I received invaluable time with my Family. Urban air, an F1 experience with my son, and top golf. On top of it all, I have even received closed business. Highly recommend joining the group to add value to you life and business.

- Kalob Patino
Health Insurance Agent

"Received multiple referrals within the first week"

Great to deal with in terms of communication and transparency. Received multiple referrals within the first week of going live as a partner.

- Dr. Law Tsai
Texas Urology Specialists

Step 3:

Your Advertiser Dashboard

We Built The Technology To Simplify It

You don't have to send your content via email and keep checking its performance or status. In our Supporting Partner program, we place great emphasis on communication. That's why we created a system that empowers you to:

  • Submit Content: With ease, fill out forms and upload files to submit your content. Your account manager will schedule it out for you.
  • Track Status: You can view the status of each content piece, whether it's pending, scheduled, or completed. Additionally, you can access a comprehensive history of all your previous submissions.
  • Live Chat: You'll have access to live chat with your account manager every weekday from 8 AM to 4 PM. They're available to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Can I purchase the service package if I'm in the education space?

Absolutely, any business can purchase the Service Partner package (as long as the slot for your industry is not already taken).  We just created smaller packages for local businesses as an option.

 Is there any contract or time commitment?

Not at all.  No matter the package, they all are month-to-month and cancel any time.  You can cancel directly from your advertiser dashboard.  No need to call and have someone hassle you to stick around.

 Can partners attend events?

We definitely encourage this.  Having some face time with our members would be extremely beneficial to your business.

 What is your email open rate?

We have a pretty consistent open rate of 30-35% on most emails.  Our click through rate actually is the same, 30-35% click through rates.

 Can I sponsor a giveaway or event?

We would love for you to come in and sponsor an event, giveaway or contest.  You can offer to do a giveaway of a product or service, or cover the cost of an event.  It's a great way to get more exposure and build rapport with the audience.

 Do you accept refund requests?

We have a strict no refund policy.

Since we have to cover the costs or printing, shipping, team members time and other expenses... we are not able to offer any refunds.  

Instead, we offer a month-to-month option with no time commitment.  Cancel any time.

Have More Questions?  Email